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About Me

Hi! I'm Bradley B. Dalina, BS-Information Technology graduate from Eastern Samar State University - Main Campus Borongan, City.

I am an experience full-stack web developer, I work with websites and information and management systems.

Skilled in the following programming areas (HTML Language, Javascript (Jquery Library, Datatables, UI, Inputmask), CSS3 (Bootstrap), PHP (Codeigniter Framework, Wordpress Theme) and Mysql Workbench).

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Web Design

Try the professional, quality and mobile responsive design using html5, css4 bootstrap and jquery.

Information System

Developed systems thru CodeIgniter, a powerful PHP framework.

Programming Tutor

Need coding help? You'll get an instant help here. You can make you own system as a project.

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Premium Hosting

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Domain Names

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Why me?

You are in the right person. For more inquiries; if you think you gonna need me, just send me a message!