Bradley B. Dalina

More about my services

Check out more about my offers, how will I be able to help you?

Website Design

Do you need a website or a personal blog? Try my responsive and dynamic web-design using html5 and bootstrap css

Fast loading pages, minified css files, js files, with compression level and data caching for file retention

  • Single page template
  • Multiple pages template
  • Wordpress template
  • Login forms, registration forms, and other user friendly interface

Information System

Do you need an information system in your business? I can help you out of the stressing routine of your work.

What the system can do?

  • keep your data/files secured
  • Generate database backup
  • Can generate printable reports
  • With grapical/tabular reports
  • Can easily track, search data
  • With history logs
  • Soft delete, and restore/permanent delete function
  • User friendly interface
  • Mobile responsive

The system is build thru php language, using codeigniter framework, html, css, javascript (jquery plugin) and mysql database


Do you need a programming buddy?

I accept per task or per module assignment, I can do my part as long as it is within the scope of my knowledge

  • Front-end Layout/Design
  • Back-end program
  • Database queries
  • Vanilla Javascript/Jquery
  • Css Design