Bradley B. Dalina

Terms and Condition

The agreements about product and services offered

Terms & Conditions

I am accepting freelancing for website and system development

All forms of important communications that includes form of transactions and requests are required to be sent in email, to avoid any undocumented transactions and for the audit and record purposes.

Deployment of the final product will be upon full payment, and after the User Acceptance Test

There is no re-fund, once the system is fully deployed, and the user has signed and accepted the product


Things to remember first:

The following should be or must be in lined to the agreed contract or else charges may apply, please also bear in mind that any damages which is cause by any form of accidents in the client side like(computer/server error,technical problems, un-intended computer reset/formating or data lose), intended modification by an unauthorized client side programmer without the consent of the original developer are not covered in this warranty

Maintenance is guaranteed free but limited to the following issues only:

  • Wrong Output/Reports, not showing the expected results, wrong computations
  • Unexpected bugs/system errors
  • Correctional error like naming conventions, labelling that are considered as minor revisions
  • Restoration is free, once you need to transfer or restore the system, I can give you a copy of the system, but it is your duty (the client's): to take care of the backup database, any lose of data is not covered

Please note that once the system/website is deployed, any form of enhancement, improvemnents and additional features which are not included in the original contract will be charge accordingly, minimal requests along the development maybe considered if without big impact to the cost and time of development.

Trainings, demo site and manuals will be provided

Payment Process

I am accepting payment thru the following:

Foriegn clients - Paypal, Bitcions via account

Local clients - Palawan Pawnshop, Bitcions via account, Cash or check.

Thank you!